The most amazing British wildlife photos ever captured?


Amazing pictures of British wildlife, UK wildlife pics, wildlife photos, pics of natureRoss Hoddinott/2020VISION/Rex

Ever wanted to get up close to Britain's most elusive animals? A new photography book allows you to just do that and gives you the feeling of actually meeting some of the UK's most beautiful animals.

After 20 months in the field, Britain's most ambitious nature photography project to date has produced a stunning collection of images showcasing the best of wildlife across the UK and we've got the pics right here!

2020VISION tells the story of Britain's ecosystems and the vital services they provide to us all. The images were taken by 20 top nature and wildlife photographers for the 272-page book.

Browse some of the spectacular photos in 2020Vision below...

Breathtaking British wildlife photographs

Breathtaking British wildlife photographs

2020VISION is published by AA Publishing and is available to buy now for £25.

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