Muddy idiot! Naked swimmer pulled out of river in Wales by firemen


Naked swimmer pulled out of river in Wales by 20 firemenWNS

A naked man had to be rescued by 20 firemen after he became stranded in a river running through a city centre in Wales.

The distressed swimmer, believed to be in his 30s, was spotted in the River Usk in Newport, Gwent, by a member of the public who called the emergency services.

When they arrived, fire crews and police signalled to the swimmer, to make his way back to the shore, but he was unable to climb up the steep muddy banks.

He eventually managed to pull himself up to to safety after rescue lines were thrown to him.

The nude man was checked over by paramedics but did not appear to be injured.

Naked swimmer pulled out of river in Wales by 20 firemenWNS

Residents and holidaymakers lined the river banks to watch the rescue of the man - who has already been branded a "muddy idiot".

One witness told the South Wales Argus: "I was just passing and saw a lot of commotion: police cars, sirens, fire engines and ambulances all looking out across the river at a guy splashing around.

"He was swimming completely naked so he must have had a good day."

Another witness, Harry Wilkins, told The Sun: "It's the last place you'd want to go for a swim."

Just the day before the naked man was pulled to safety, a woman in her 20s was rescued from the same river after she fell off a bridge and was swept three quarters of a mile towards the sea.

According to local news reports, fire rescue staff managed to pull her out at the last possible moment.

The river has the world's second-highest tidal range and is extremely muddy.

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