Staycations cost more than foreign holidays


Staycations cost more than foreign holidaysPA

If you think that you're saving money by holidaying in the UK rather than jetting off to the sun, new research suggests that you could be wrong.

A survey by found that over half of all people who took a staycation thought it worked out more expensive than their last foreign holiday. A further fifth of families said that they spent around the same amount of money.

The survey of 1,100 people found that the average cost of a ten-day UK holiday was £710 per person, compared to £680 for a foreign holiday. These figures include travel, accommodation, food and activities.

The Telegraph reports that, in many cases, foreign holidays work out cheaper because there's no need to spend money on rainy day activities or excursions, such as trips to theme parks or the cinema. As Britain has the eighth highest petrol price in Europe, these day trips can be very costly.

In comparison, a day on the beach costs very little and, thanks to the falling euro, British holidaymakers get more for their money when they're buying food and drink in Europe.

Mark Pearson, chairman of told The Telegraph: "It is easy to think that staying in the UK is the cheaper option but the costs soon add up, particularly if you're throwing money at a rainy day to keep everyone entertained.

"It was interesting to see that so many opted for a holiday within the UK to save money, particularly as so many failed to do so."

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