Would you pay £39 for a fry-up? Most expensive London hotel breakfast


Would you pay £39 for a fry-up? Most expensive London hotel breakfast revealedRex

You might choke on your yolk when you hear how much some top London hotels are charging for a traditional British breakfast fry-up.

The most expensive? The Jumeirah Carlton Hotel is snapping up £39 per person for their eggs and bacon offerings.

The Dorchester isn't far behind at £36, while the Ritz is also up there at £35 each, according to the Guardian.

If you've got enough cash to stay at these five-star hotspots, you might not be too worried; but if you're looking for a breakfast that won't lead to bankruptcy, it's well worth heading to one of London's many street side cafes and pubs as an alternative.

What's more, when it comes to food, a restaurant doesn't always need Michelin stars to be rated highly - as a kebab shop in London is currently proof of.

Meze Mangal Restaurant in South London is ranked seventh out of 1000 London restaurants, with only the gourmet delights at Michelin-starred haunts beating it, including the likes of: Gordon Ramsay's Petrus and Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Brett Graham's The Ledbury, and Michel Roux's La Gavroche.

Top ten London restaurants

Top ten London restaurants

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