Eiffel Tower named Europe's most valuable building


Worth £344 billion: Eiffel Tower tops list of Europe's most valuable buildingsPA

The Eiffel Tower has been named as the most valuable building in Europe, and is worth a whopping £344 billion.

Paris' iconic 324-metre structure was built in 1889 as the entrance arch to the Wolrd Trade Fair.

All these years later it's the most visited paid-for attraction in the world; last year saw 7.1 million people climb to one of its three viewing platforms, while 200 million tourists have visited since it was built.

Worth £344 billion: Eiffel Tower tops list of Europe's most valuable buildingsThe Tower of London: Rex

According to the Daily Mail, research by Italy's Monza and Brianza Chamber of Commerce took into account monuments' image, branding and aesthetics to determine a monetary value.

The Eiffel Tower is six times more valuable than its nearest rival, The Colosseum in Rome, which was built in 80AD and attracts about four million tourists a year.

The most valuable British landmark is the Tower of London, which was deemed to be worth £56 billion, while Stonehenge came in at seventh, worth £8.3 billion to the UK economy.

The Most Valuable Monuments in Europe are:

1 Eiffel Tower, Paris - £344 billion
2 The Coloseum, Rome - £72 billion
3 The Sagrade Familia Cathedral, Barcelona, £71 billion
4 The Duomo Cathedral, Milan, £65 billion
5 The Tower of London - £56 billion
6 The Prado Museum, Madrid - £46 billion
7 Stonehenge, UK - £8.3 billion

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