Watch: Terrifying moment alligator handler attacked at fair


Watch: Terrifying moment alligator handler attacked at fairPA

The moment an alligator handler almost said goodbye to an arm was caught on camera at a county fair in America.

The Kachunga & Alligator show at the Cuyahoga County Fair in Ohio drew a large crowd of families who came to watch a handler, in this instance called Dan, catch an alligator in a shallow pool as well as see how the animal's jaws work.

The crowd can be heard gasping as he successfully puts his arm in the animal's mouth and removes it before its powerful jaws clamp shut.

The host can be heard saying: "If you have a camera, get it out, you might get an awesome picture of Dan's hand in the alligator's mouth, hopefully not stuck, but if it is, that's a good picture, too."

He continues: "That's how the jaws work folks. Damn, that was fast. Did you all get your pictures? No? Dan do it again..."

Dan does do it again, but this time, things don't quite go as planned, leaving children screaming and parents running away with them as fast as they can...

See the footage below:

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