Humpback whale almost jumps into fishing boat


Humpback whale almost jumps into fishing boatYouTube

Fishermen observing humpback whales off the coast of British Columbia had quite a shock when one whale jumped from the water and almost landed on their boat - and they captured the whole thing on video.

The men, who were on a salmon and halibut fishing charter off the coast of Tofino, were enjoying watching the whales who were visible above the surface of the water.

Guide Matt Thornton of Tofino Fishing steered the boat closer, when one of the whales flew from the water, performed a spin and then flopped back in - just a few metres from the boat.

One passenger, who captured the experience on his iPhone, can be heard saying: "That was like, oh man! He about jumped our boat."

Mr Thornton, whose photograph of his close encounter has since been entered in a National Geographic photography contest, told Grind TV: "It was literally 10ft from the boat, so close that it splashed us."

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