Delectable French B&Bs for foodies


Delectable French B&Bs for foodiesSawday's

Calling all foodies and Francophiles! This little collection of fab French hideaways will have you drooling - and not just because they serve some of the most delectable dishes in the country: they're beautiful retreats in their own right and they're perfect for anyone planning a little tour of France or en route to the Alps, Spain or the south of France.

There's a family-run walnut farm in the Pyrenees, a chalet in the Alps where you can eat fish straight from Lake Geneva, and a vine-covered farmhouse just outside Paris, where you can explore the local cheese makers from your doorstep. All these properties are featured in Sawday's Foodies France collection. Prices start from €67 per night, based on two sharing.

Best French B&Bs for foodies

Best French B&Bs for foodies