Tourist beach in Wales closed after blue shark sighting


Tourist beach in Wales closed after 'shark' sightingRex

Holidaymakers at a popular tourist beach in Wales were told to stay out of the water after RNLI lifeguards spotted a shark in the sea.

According to the BBC, red flags were raised on New Quay beach in Ceredigion on Tuesday and the beach was temporarily closed.

The shark swam between boats moored at the end of the beach.

It is believed the animal was a blue shark, a species that grows up to 12.5ft long, and prefers cooler waters.

The blue shark primarily feeds on fish and squid, but have been known to attack humans; since 2009, 13 attacks on humans have been recorded and four fatalities.

The RNLI said it would be very rare to see a shark that close to the shoreline in the area.

The news comes just a month after a beach in Devon was evacuated after a member of the public saw a shark fin about 20 to 20 metres out to sea.

Swimmers and surfers were forced to abandon Croyde beach after it was put on red alert when the fin was spotted.

RNLI lifeguards asked people to leave the water as a precaution as the fin was inside an area where it is safe to swim.

The Shark Trust said it was "highly likely" it was a basking shark.

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