Another (mini) heatwave! Temps to soar despite flooding and a tornado


Another (mini) heatwave! Temps to soar despite flooding and a tornadoPA

After a weekend of heavy downpours that led to serious flooding in some parts of the country, thousands of Brits will be cheered to hear that temperatures could possibly hit 85F by the end of this week.

A bout of balmy weather will hit after the jet stream shifts north bringing warm air up from France and Spain.

Leon Brown, meteorologist at the Weather Channel told Aol Travel: "Showers will die out from Tuesday, with the rest of the week becoming settled as pressure builds.

"There will be a lot of cloud over central and southern areas on Wednesday with increasing sunshine Thursday and Friday. We should see 26 to 27C by Friday with a 30 per cent chance of 29C in London."

Met Office spokeswoman Sarah Holland agreed, telling Aol Travel: "There is going to be some more settled weather towards the end of the week, with temperatures gradually increasing through the week. We are looking at highs of around 25 to 26C on Thursday and possibly 27C on Friday.

"The warmest of the weather will be in the south east. All in all a much more settled picture for the next few days."

However, the weekend isn't looking quite as bright, adds Leon: "Over the weekend, the weather will turn more unstable from the west with a developing trough. Still very warm over the east on Saturday with temperatures 25 to 26C, but cooler near coasts with a noticeable south east to east breeze.

"Scattered showers and thunderstorms will develop on Saturday over the west, moving east on Sunday, but only a 30 per cent chance of showers reaching London. Still warm in the east and south east on Sunday reaching the mid 20s, fresher and cooler in the west."

The sunshine will be a welcome relief to many staycationers after Britain was lashed by storms at the weekend.

According to the Express, fire crews dealt with flooding incidents in north Cornwall and north Devon.

Dozens of homes were flooded in north Somerset, with the town of Nailsea being one of the worst hit.

According to the Metro, emergency services received 80 calls for assistance, with firefighters pumping out homes and dealing with a landslip in Portbury, near Bristol.

Meanwhile, residents in Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, even witnessed a tornado ripping through the village, according to the Daily Mail.

Definitely time to make the most of the brief but welcome weather warm-up.

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