Passenger panic as man jumps from moving plane on runway


Passenger panic as man jumps from moving plane on runwayPA

A plane passenger çaused widespread panic after jumping out of an emergency exit while the aircraft was taxiing for take-off on a runway in Malaysia.

The man, who was on Air Asia flight AK 5187 bound for Kuala Lumpur from Miri, jumped out of his seat and opened an emergency door, leaping from the plane while it was preparing for flight.

Emergency measures were activated and panicked passengers were made to wait for over an hour.

According to the Herald Sun, passenger Siva Nathiran told the Asian News Network: "'The raft automatically opened. Other passengers started screaming. The plane was brought to a halt."

AirAsia's regional head of flight operations, Captain Fareh Ishraf Mazputra, said the aircraft had just started taxiing when a passenger ran and opened the door.

He told The Asian Age: "There were no injuries and the passenger was arrested."

The man, aged 24, was taken to the hospital but is not thought to have been injured in the fall.

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