Traditional books replaced by e-readers on holidays


Traditional books replaced by e-readers on holidays, kindle more popular than books for holiday reads, travel books, reading abroadGetty

When it comes to holiday reading British tourists are swapping actual books for e-reader devices, a new survey has found.

A poll by online travel agent revealed that 51 per cent of UK holidaymakers that read on their last holiday abroad claimed they did so with an e-reader device, like the Kindle.

While reading on holiday is still a popular pastime with Brits, it seems people are enjoying novels by the pool or on the beach in a modern form.

When the 1,928 UK adults in the survey were asked if they read some sort of literature or non-fiction book while on their last holiday abroad, 79 per cent said they did and 51 per cent of these used an e-reader.

The biggest e-reader fans were those aged 40 and over, while 18-25 year olds made up 11 per cent of the group.

A third (32 per cent) of those asked said they had borrowed the e-reader and 44 per cent said they preferred the gadget to a normal book because it was easier to hold, while 29 per cent said it was easier to see in the sun.

Of those asked, 24 per cent felt e-readers were too expensive and 46 per cent said they simply preferred books.

Chris Clarkson, co-founder of said: 'Kindles and many other e-readers have been designed with holidaymakers in mind; with displays that can be easily read even in bright sunlight.'

'Many holidaymakers will have experienced reading a book by the pool side and holding it up in the air to shield your face from the sun, only to find the glue binding the pages together begins to melt and the pages fly out everywhere! For that reason, e-readers are brilliant.'

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