Would you pay more for a child-free flight?


Tripadvisor survey finds one-third of British adults would pay more for a flight with no childrenRex

A new survey has revealed that one in three Brits would pay more for a child-free flight.

The news comes just as the the school holiday is in full swing - and delivers yet another bitter blow to frazzled parents who have already become branded the social pariahs of air travel.

Around 2,000 travellers were questioned in the Tripadvisor survey, which found that 37 per cent of British adults would choose to buy a more expensive ticket to avoid having to share their flight with children.

But the biggest gripe of all among disgruntled Brits isn't the kids - it's the parents who don't control their own children: 22 per cent said they were frustrated by the lack of discipline they had witnessed while travelling.

However, parents need not feel too despondent, as the results of the new survey are an improvement on the previous one. Last year, a similar Tripadvisor survey found that more than half of adults (53 per cent) were prepared to pay more to fly without children. Could this suggest that we're actually in danger of becoming more tolerant air travellers? Watch this space.

In the meantime, for all those desperate to get away from little ones for a while, we asked Tripadvisor to name its top ten hotels for adults, and here's what they said...

Child-free hotels: TripAdvisor's top picks for adults only

Child-free hotels: TripAdvisor's top picks for adults only

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