A quarter of Britons have lied about being on honeymoon to get an upgrade


A quarter of Britons have lied about being on honeymoon to get an upgradeGetty

We've all heard the rumours that you're more likely to be offered an upgrade if you look the part, travel regularly - or are on your honeymoon.

And according to a survey by last minute.com, Britons have no qualms about stretching the truth if it helps them to get a better hotel room or a business class seat on the plane.

The survey reveals that almost a quarter (23 per cent) of British travellers have lied about being engaged or on honeymoon just so that they can have a taste of luxury without the hefty price tag.

In fact, it's become so common that holidaymakers have invented an additional 11.5 million 'marriages' - which is 42 per cent more than the actual number of UK weddings (27.1 million).

Mark Maddock, Managing Director of last minute.com UK and Ireland, told the Daily Mail: "With so many bold Britons negotiating for an upgraded experience at the last minute, there's a clear demand for luxury without the price tag.

"The good news is, at last minute.com we offer everyone the honeymoon treatment and have a range of hotel rooms that offer a five star experience with a three-star price tag."

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