Boy hit in the face by bird on world's tallest rollercoaster


Boy hit in the face by bird on world's tallest rollercoasterNBC10/YouTube

A 12-year-old boy from New Jersey is recovering after being hit in the face by a pigeon while riding on the the world's tallest rollercoaster.

Shane Matus, of Howell Township, was riding in the front car of the Kingda Ka rollercoaster at the Six Flags amusement park in Jackson Township, when the bird crashed into his face.

The 128mph rollercoaster was just approaching the station when Shane was hit, leaving him with scratches and bruises as the bird exploded on impact.

Speaking to NBC 10 News, Shane said:"When it hit me I was like, 'What the-? Did somebody throw a call or something?' When I started spitting out feathers, I was like, that was a bird."

He added: "They say the bird exploded. It hurt a lot for like three seconds. People behind us had feathers and blood all over them."

Boy hit in the face by bird on world's tallest rollercoasterPA

Shane was treated for scratches and bruises, but his injuries could have been much more serious if he hadn't been distracted by a car alarm going off in a nearby car park.

He said: "If that car alarm didn't go off, it would have hit me dead in the eye."

The rollercoaster, which reaches heights of 456 feet, was closed for 30 minutes after the incident, before it was given the all-clear to reopen.

A spokesman for Six Flags said that the accident had been a "freak of nature" and said that nothing like this had happened before.

Shane told NBC News that he hasn't been put off riding the rollercoaster, but next time he won't sit at the front.

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