Teenager's sleeping bag ripped off by dingo at campsite


Teenager's sleeping bag ripped off by dingo at campsitePA

An teenager has said her sleeping bag was ripped off by a dingo while she slept at a campsite in Australia.

According to the Telegraph, Rebecca Robinson, 13, was sleeping on a mattress under a caravan awning at the Aurora Kakadu Lodge, 155 miles from Darwin, on Sunday when she was awoken by the dingo.

She told the Northern Territory News: "I could feel someone pulling me, I was not going anywhere but I could feel the sleeping bag getting dragged.

"I woke up and there was a dingo there chewing at my sleeping bag."

The teenager's mother said the dingo ran off after being shouted at, and that it was the fourth such incident at the lodge this year.

The incident comes just weeks after a coroner ruled that a baby called Azaria Chamberlain had been taken by a dingo from a tent at Ayers Rock 32 years ago, clearing the name of her mother, Lindy, who spent three years in jail convicted of her murder.

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