Downpours 'almost apocalyptic' for UK wildlife, says National Trust


Downpours 'almost apocalyptic' for UK wildlife, says National TrustPA

The deluge of rain hitting the UK over the last few months has been "almost apocalyptic" for some wildlife in 2012, according to the National Trust.

The terrible weather conditions in Britain have left bees, bats, birds, butterflies and wildflowers struggling to survive.

According to the BBC, the breeding season has been described as "catastrophic" with sea birds being blown off cliffs by strong winds, and garden birds unable to provide food for their chicks.

The wet weather has devastated puffin colonies on the Farne Islands - managed by the National Trust - with 90 per cent of burrow on Brownsman Island lost, and around half of puffins drowning in floods on other islands.

Thanks to the downpours, many bats have not been able to fund enough insects to feed their pups.

Th only things that are thriving in this weather are slugs and snails, while midges and mosquitos are breeding faster in puddles left by rain.

According to the Telegraph, Matthew Oates, the National Trust's conservation adviser, said the UK desperately needs a sunshine boost - not just to help wildlife but to boost tourism during the Olympics.

"He said: This is turning out to be an almost apocalyptic summer for most of our much-loved wildlife – birds, butterflies, bees.

"So much so that the prospects for many of these in 2013 are bleak.

"Our wildlife desperately needs some sustained sunshine, particularly beneficial insects.

"Surely the Olympic three weeks will generate a wonderful heatwave – because we will all be glued to our TV sets?"

Mr Oates even warned the wet weather could lead to local extinctions of rare or isolated species, including butterflies.

According to the BBC, he added: "Insects have also been in decline after two years of poor weather, and a better summer next year is important to rebuild populations.

"We desperately need the sun on our backs."

However, the weather forecast is rather bleak, predicting unsettled conditions for the rest of the month.

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