The Tower Bridge? In China? It appears so...


The Tower Bridge? In China? It appears so...Rex

A developer has brought an iconic touch of London to China - by building a replica Tower Bridge in Suzhou city in the eastern Jiangsu province.

But, obviously not content with having just one bridge, the developers have built two.

The top floor of the construction boasts a coffee shop called Tower Bridge Coffee - promising 'English' style coffee.

Whether the imitation London Bridges are popular with Chinese tourists remains to be seen.

The Tower Bridge? In China? It appears so...Rex

However, is seems the area might be attempting to be the new Las Vegas - not too far away is a fake Dutch town complete with a windmill and Dutch style housing that was supposed to be shops.

Over the river is the Sydney Harbour Bridge and just up the road is the Pont Alexandre III Bridge straight out of Paris.

What do you think of the replica? Top notch? Or is it a bridge too far (sorry)?

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