Cracking up: 'Builder's bum' is top travel offence, say passengers


Crack up: 'Builder's bum' is top travel offence, say passengersPA

Unfortunately, a builder's bum isn't just restricted to construction sites - and fliers have now voted it the top travel offence in fellow air passengers, according to a new survey.

The term refers to the exposure of the top of a man's buttocks, and is normally the result of ill-fitting trousers.

In a Skycanner survey of over 2,700 people, a whopping 28% voted the unsightly 'crack' the most offensive thing about travelling kin.

Personal hygiene was the second biggest turn-off for fliers, with 'sweat patches on clothes' taking 22% of the vote.

And, despite a recent story where Southwest Airlines staff banned a woman from boarding a flight after deeming her exposed cleavage inappropriate, the Skyscanner survey showed that ladies with low-cut tops actually caused relatively little offence, taking just 4% of the vote.

Passengers were more offended by other areas of flesh on display, with 18% not wanting to see their fellow passengers' midriffs or 'beer bellies'.

For 23% of passengers it's the choice of clothes rather than lack of them that proves most off-putting – 'offensive logos on t-shirts' took 12%, while that favourite fashion faux-pas of wearing white socks with sandals gets under the skin of 9% of travellers.

The 10 most offensive attributes of passengers on planes are:

1. Men revealing 'builder's bum' (28%)
2. Sweat patches on clothes (22%)
3. Midriff/beer belly on show (18%)
4. Offensive logos on t-shirts (12%)
5. White socks and sandals (9%)
6. Ladies with low cut tops displaying cleavage (4%)
7. Men with hairy chest on show (2%)
8. Noisy jewellery (2%)
9. Football shirts (1%)
10. Flip flops (0.5%)
Other (1.5%)

What's your biggest fellow passenger peeve? Let us know in the comments box below...

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