Brits log on to social media sites on holiday to boast


Brits log on to social media sites on holiday to boastPA

You're sunning yourself on a gorgeous beach with a cocktail in hand and delighted at being a million miles away from the stresses of home, but you just can't resist logging onto Facebook and letting your friends know where you are. Go on, admit it.

A new survey has revealed that 60 per cent of us take to Facebook and Twitter while on holiday to boast about being away.

Four in ten Britons log on to Facebook and Twitter at least once a day while abroad and three in ten people admit they deliberately write boastful holiday statuses to make their friends at home jealous.

Over 50 per cent of the people asked said they checked themselves in at famous landmarks, uploaded smug photos of themselves at the beach or having a posh meal while on holiday to show off to friends and family, and 45 per cent of those questioned said they only tagged themselves in glamorous locations to make them look good.

The research was conducted by T-Mobile, who has dubbed those who go online to brag 'smoasters' - social media boasters.

Six in ten of the 'smoasters' defended their actions saying that if they are happy they have the right to shout about it online. 50 per cent said it was acceptable because 'everyone else does it' and four in ten said they just do it as they think it's amusing to wind other people up.

And it's not just friends that are targeted as 15 per cent admitted they brag about their holidays to make their ex-partners jealous.

So which Brits 'smoast' the most? The Northern Irish come first with 70 per cent admitting to posting boastful statuses followed by Scots and Londoners with 65 per cent. The survey also found that people from East Anglia (74 per cent) were more likely to get angry about people's Facebook and Twitter updates, with 50 per cent saying they do it to show off.

The celebs are at it too and love tweeting their holiday snaps. The cast of The Only Way Is Essex are the biggest 'smoasters', followed by the cast of Made in Chelsea, Rihanna, Tulisa and Victoria Beckham.

Psychologist Jo Hemmings told the Daily Mail: 'We're not an especially boastful nation – we usually tend to play down our achievements but social networking has enabled us to post updates and photos about what we're up to anywhere in the world.

'Posting updates on social networking sites, while we're on holiday, is the modern day version of sending a postcard – but of course is much more fun, having a wider audience and a far greater reach.'

Do you boast about your holiday while abroad or have friends who do? Leave a comment and let us know below.

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