Ryanair's fees 'discriminate' against British travellers


Ryanair's fees 'discriminate' against British travellersPA

Ryanair's fees and charges are costing British travellers 25% more than it charges fliers in Europe thanks to its £1 to €1 exchange rate, according to t report in the Telegraph.

The fee system was introduced when the euro and the pound were on a par, but, since last summer, the European debt crisis has seen the pound strengthen to a four-year high against the euro, leaving British travellers out of pocket compared with people on the Continent and in Ireland.

For example, Ryanair's web check-in fee is £12 per person per return flight, and the admin fee is £6 per person. Those outside Britain, however, pay €12 and €6, which equates to £9.60 and £4.80.

This system is in place for all their fees, including the £50 15kg checked bag fee, which Europeans are charged €50 for, equating to £40.

Reserved seating (£10, €10), excess baggage (£20, €20), reissue of a boarding card (£60/€60) all have the same problem that sees Brits paying more.

A Ryanair spokesman told the Telegraph that this system was not likely to change: "The charges, which were set many years ago, are not reflective of or dependent on currency changes, but are fixed in each relevant market."

Other airlines charge the equivalent price in the different currency; for example, Easyjet charges travellers from Britain an administration fee of £9 and those from elsewhere in Europe €11 (£8.80). For carrying sports equipment, the respective charges are £25 and €30 (£24).

Nick Trend, consumer editor of Telegraph Travel, said: "Ryanair's policy clearly discriminates against British travellers."

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