'Octomom' accuses Virgin cabin crew of 'harassment'


'Octomum' accuses Virgin cabin crew of 'harassment'PA

Nadya Suleman, aka 'Octomom', has accused the crew of Virgin America of harassment following a recent flight from Los Angeles to New York.

According to TMZ, Suleman's manager, Gina Rodriguez, said they were travelling to the Big Apple to promote her adult film, but the journey was made extremely uncomfortable after cabin crew "purposefully" treated them poorly.

Ms Rodriguez says the pair were forced to change seats, never got their beverages order, overhead cabin crew laughing at them, as well as being kicked out of the bathroom by a flight attendant for no apparent reason.

She also added that both herself and Nadya confronted the flight attendants responsible, and claim that one abruptly snapped: "I know who you guys are!"

Suleman has since filed a complaint with the airline, and told TMZ: "I was shocked to say the least how poorly they treated me on the plane. I would never book a flight on Virgin America again."

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