Tourists board plane with two hunting knives in hand luggage


Tourists board plane with two hunting knives in hand luggagePA

A holidaymaker has told how he got through security and boarded a plane at Manchester airport with two hunting knives in his hand luggage.

The Sun reports that the man only realised that the knives were in his bag after boarding the Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul, and he took photographs in the plane to prove that he hadn't been stopped by airport security.

The two knives, with 8cm blades, were in hand luggage that was scanned - but they weren't picked up by the X-ray machine.

His partner told The Sun: "The knives had been left in a camera bag from a fishing trip we'd been on weeks ago. We'd completely forgotten about them.

"There weren't many people coming through security at the time. I can only assume whoever was watching the machine had switched off. It's extremely worrying to think this is happening with the Olympic Games nearly in sight."

Last night a spokesman for Manchester Airport said: "We are conducting an investigation. With 19 million passengers every year, such incidents are rare. If you accidentally take prohibited items on board inform the airline crew."

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