Couples postpone a break-up so they can go on holiday


Couples postpone a break-up so they can go on holidayPA

New research indicates that almost one in ten people have put off breaking up with their partner so that they could still go on a holiday they had booked or planned.

This comes from travel agent, which polled a total of 1,8239 adults about the holidays they had taken.

While 9 per cent of respondents admitted that they had put off breaking up with a partner before their holiday, a further 11 per cent admitted to doing the opposite and breaking up before the trip so that they could go on holiday solo.

What's more, it seems that a make-or-break holiday isn't a good idea: 82 per cent of respondents said that they had parted ways with a partner after a holiday, with most splitting up within two weeks of their return home.

However, 18 per cent said that they had decided to make a go of things, with most saying that their holiday had brought them closer together.

Chris Clarkson, co-founder of, said: "I can't imagine how awkward it must be to have booked a holiday with your partner, or your partner and their whole family, only to realise just before that you don't want to be in the relationship any more."

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