Plane suffers mid-air breakdown - but can't land for four hours


Passengers have described their terror after their flight was left juddering and shaking in the sky for four hours after a severe mechanical breakdown. Scroll down to see video.

A total of 155 people were on board the Jetblue flight from Las Vegas to New York when their A320 aircraft's hydraulic system failed.

One passenger said it was clear there was a problem with the flight as soon as it took off. He told ABC News: "You could hear a screeching - an obvious mechanical screeching. We were bouncing around a lot."

Jetblue flight 194 was on its way from Las Vegas to New York when there was a sudden meltdown of two hydraulic systems, reports the news service.

But the pilot needed to circle the sky in order to dump fuel, and passengers say the plane took steep turns and side to side lurches, making them terrified and causing them to vomit.

Many passengers praised the Jetblue cabin staff - one tweeted after the incident calling them "superheroes" saying they kept calm and helped reassure everyone, but one passenger described the flight as four hours of hell.

The flight eventually landed safely at Las Vegas and no one was injured. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating.

See the video here:

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