Drunk passenger restrained after 'charging cockpit with lighter'


Drunk passenger restrained after 'charging cockpit with lighter'PA

A man has been taken into custody after allegedly becoming intoxicated and disruptive on a US Airways flight from Charlotte to Los Angeles.

The unnamed 29-year-old passenger was refused alcohol on board Flight 705 on Friday night, according to FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller.

According to fellow passenger Susan Roberts, the man got out of his seat and rushed towards the cockpit door carrying a lighter.

He was stopped by a female flight attendant with the help of other passengers.

According to the NZ Herald, Ms Roberts said: "He was yelling something like, 'I have to get up there'.

"It was completely horrifying."

Ms Roberts' boyfriend, Jeffrey Smith, said he was one of the passengers who helped restrain him, adding: "He was resisting the entire time. He was belligerent and yelling. The flight attendant showed great grace under pressure and truly knew what she was doing."

According to the Sacramento Bee, Ms Eimiller said there was no indication the incident was terrorism-related, and there were no injuries.

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