Monsoon June: Fortnight of rain, floods and storms on the way


Monsoon June: Fortnight of rain, floods and storms, weather in britain, weather forecast, uk weather, summer weatherPA

Don't put your brolly away just yet as after a brief respite from the downpours this weekend Britain faces another FORTNIGHT of torrential rain, floods and storms.

Last night forecasters warned that the washout could trigger the worst floods for almost a decade, reported the Express.

Britain will experience two months' worth of rain before the end of June and from Monday there will be fresh storms with more than 10 inches expected.

Jonathan Powell from Vantage Weather Services said: 'This is a serious situation because the ground is getting saturated and rain is going to just pour off in torrents. There is the risk of very severe flooding.'

Mr Powell said there could be a 'devastating deluge heading our way' reminiscent of the flash floods that hit Boscastle in Cornwall in 2004.

The Met Office issued a severe weather warning for the South yesterday and the Environment Agency issued 22 flood alerts.

After nearly a fortnight of downpours and violent winds, gusts of up to 70mph continue to hit parts of the country today before dying down tomorrow.

A teenage learner biker from Shoreham in West Sussex was killed yesterday when gusts of up to 82mph blew his scooter into a kerb throwing him into the road.

Firefighters treated a mother and her two children for cuts and bruises after a 30-foot tree crushed her car in Tavistock, Devon.

Wales saw nearly six inches of rain yesterday, while an inch and a half fell in southern England.

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