Video: Man creating 'dream home' in 727 passenger jet


Video: Man creating 'dream home' in 727 passenger jetCNN

An American man is building his dream home - in a 727-200 passenger jet hidden in the woods of Oregon.

Bruce Campbell gave reporters at CNN a guided tour of his unusual home, which you access through stairs lowered down from the plane.

The passenger chairs have been removed from the main cabin to make way for Campbell's possessions, still sitting in cardboard boxes waiting to be unpacked. It's also home to a temporary shower he installed while he figures out how to create a fully-functioning plumbing system, according to the Daily Mail.

The aircraft has three toilets, one of which is working. "It's small, but I'm small", Campbell quips.

He describes the cockpit as his "favourite playroom", and says the aircraft's wings - accessed through the emergency exits - make great decks in warmer weather.

There's no TV or radio, but Campbell has an iPod touch providing the background music to all his hard work.

As he finished his tour, he says: "It's not for everybody. But I think it is for a lot of people and it is definitely for me. I absolutely love it."

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