'Drunk' granny facing jail for punching passenger mid-flight


'Drunk' grandma facing jail for punching passenger mid-flightStock photo: PA

A woman from New Zealand is facing up to two years in jail after allegedly punching a passenger on a flight from Melbourne to Wellington.

Frances Macaskill, 58, allegedly attacked a man on Jetconnect's QF37 flight on Saturday morning, and cabin crew reportedly had to restrain her before the plane turned back to Melbourne - an hour into the flight.

Ms Macaskill was arrested in Melbourne by Australian Federal Police (AFP), and cost Jetconnect parent company, Qantas, around £12,500.

She will appear in Melbourne Magistrates' Court this week on charges of assault, failure to follow instructions on an aircraft, and offensive behaviour on an aircraft.

The maximum penalties she could face are two years in jail or a £3,500 fine.

AFP Assistant Commissioner Shane Connelly told news.com.au that the behaviour would not be tolerated.

"The AFP will not hesitate to charge anyone behaving in a manner that may interfere with the safe operation of an aircraft," he said.

"This kind of behaviour puts fellow passengers and cabin crew members at risk and will not be tolerated."

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