Leonardo diCaprio puts Malibu beach pad up for rent


Hollywood actor Leonardo diCaprio is trying his hand at being a landlord and has put his Malibu beach house up for rent.

But if you fancy staying at diCaprio's oceanfront Cape Cod-style holiday home it will set you back $75,000 (£48,822) per month for long-term rent or $150,000 (£97,644) a month for a lease under six months, the LA Times reported.

The beach house was recently refurbished and features a four-bedroom main house on the ocean side, a two-bedroom guest house and a detatched loft with a gym.

While the property doesn't have a pool, it does offer the oceanfront as your garden, a beach-front deck, a fire pit and a music room.

Leo bought the beach house in 2010 for an undisclosed amount and it is listed with Arete Estates - just in case you can afford to sleep in the actor's bed!

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