Golden oldie! 45-year-old crisp packet found on UK beach



A volunteer on a big beach clean-up in Devon found a real blast from the past while sifting through the sand - a 45-year-old packet of smokey bacon Golden Wonder crisps.

The packet had a gift offer on it with a closing date of 30 September, 1967, and another bag was found nearby from 1968.

Neil Phillips found the bag on Saunton Beach, north Devon,with his son Finn and a friend, and told The Sun: "They were shocked when I explained the packets were older than me."

If it hadn't been found, the packet could have been there for a lot longer, as plastic can take more than 1,000 years to biodegrade.


And old crisp packets are the safer kind of blast from the past that have been found on British beaches; back in October 2011, Royal Navy experts found 87 bombs in Kent, including 61 the team unearthed from the sand, and 26 that washed up on the beach.

The elite team of bomb disposal experts detonated a number of them in the sea not too far from the shore.

The haul, found at Leysdown Beach on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, also brought to light other items like bullets.

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