Woman misses flight for wearing 'offensive' T-shirt slogan


Woman misses flight for wearing 'offensive' T-shirt sloganPA

A woman wearing a T-shirt that read "If I wanted the government in my womb, I'd f*** a senator" on an American Airlines flight was told by the captain that she should not have been allowed to board the flight and would need to change her shirt before catching her connecting flight.

The slogan is a political statement linked to pro-choice views on abortion, and was first seen back in March on a banner held by Oklahoma state senator Judy McIntyre.

The passenger wrote to a colleague at RH Reality Check, and it reports that she said: "When I was leaving the plane the captain stepped off with me and told me I should not have been allowed to board the plane in DC and needed to change before boarding my next flight.

"This conversation led to me missing my connecting flight. I assumed that because I was held up by the captain, they would have called ahead to let the connecting flight know I was en route.

"Well, upon my hastened arrival at the gate of the connecting flight, it was discovered that they did indeed call ahead but not to hold the flight, only to tell them I needed to change my shirt. I was given a seat on the next flight and told to change shirts."

In the end, she was allowed to board after covering the offensive word with her shawl.

According to MSNBC, American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith replied via e-mail: "The only reason she was asked to cover up her T-shirt was the appearance of the 'F-word' on the T-shirt. The [pro-choice] message is irrelevant to our policy and had no bearing in our crew's decision to ask her to cover up the F-word. The outcome would have been exactly the same had the message been anti-abortion."

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