Nice view? Daredevil kayakers take on Victoria Falls


Nice view? Daredevil kayakers take on Victoria FallsBarcroft

These daredevil kayakers are staring straight down a 350ft drop in the middle of Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls.

Adventurers Steve Fisher, Dale Jardine and Sam Drevo paddled up to the lip of the largest waterfall in the world and stood on one of the islands in the middle. One slip would have seen the trio plummet to their deaths - and if that wasn't enough to worry about, crocodiles lurked metres away.

Australian extreme photographer Desre Tate captured the moment from a helicopter hovering a few hundred feet above.

She said: "No-one has ever survived a fall off the falls - it is incredibly dangerous.

Nice view? Daredevil kayakers take on Victoria FallsGetty

"It's always scary to see people pushing the limits - but thankfully they are three of the world's best kayakers."

The three eventually abseiled to the bottom with their kayaking gear on their backs - before successfully navigating the wild waters below.

Desre, 34, who has travelled the world taking extreme kayaking photos for more than 10 years, added: "Anything like this should not be attempted unless you are a professional with plenty of safety gear.

"The wind is so strong it blows mist from the falls hundreds of metres into the air - giving it the local name 'the smoke that thunders'.

"Thankfully during the dry season the falls split around small islands making it easier to paddle up and get out of your kayak to have a look over the edge.

"The boys used this opportunity to have a look over the edge, work out how to get down to the bottom to the rapids and to plot a good route through the rapids."

Desre added: "Once they got down there, the boys battled their way to the middle of the river to greet a huge monster of a rapid - and it was over in just a few minutes such was the force."

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