Teen girl thrown off train for sex tape conversation on mobile phone



Warning: contains sexually explicit language

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A teenage girl has been thrown of a train in Kent after holding a sexually explicit phone conversation about making a sex tape.

The girl was captured on video by a fellow passenger as she spoke loudly on her phone, using "highly offensive" language, on a train travelling to Tunbridge Wells.

After a number of passengers complained, the girl was ordered off the train by a guard – but not before she had threatened to put his "head through the window."

An anonymous passenger said he was "disgusted" by the woman's antics.

Not surprisingly, the girl has already been branded a "real life Vicky Pollard".

Of course, she's not the first teenager to be caught behaving badly on a train. Last December, a video of a fare-dodging teenager being thrown off a train by a fellow passenger became and internet hit.

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