British woman arrested in Dubai denies 'having sex in taxi'


British woman arrested in Dubai over 'taxi romp'Stock photo: PA

A British woman has denied claims that she was arrested for having sex in the back of a cab in Dubai.

According to The Sun newspaper, police in Dubai say that Rebecca Black, a 27-year-old recruitment consultant, was caught having sex in the taxi with Irishman Conor McRedmond.

The newspaper claims that it has seen the charge sheets.

However, Ms Black maintains that she was alone in the cab and was arrested for having alcohol in the taxi, not on suspicion of public indecency.

According to the report, Ms Black was held in custody for five days before being bailed out by company manager Rowley Rees Brown, a friend who also lives in Dubai.

The taxi driver reportedly saw Rebecca getting frisky with Irishman Conor McRedmond in the back seat through his rear view mirror and ran off to get police from a patrol car parked nearby, who returned and arrested the pair.

If the alleged sex offence is proven, Rebecca could face up to three years in jail.

Speaking in The Sun, she said: "It's all total bull****. If it were true I'd have been on the phone straight away telling my story to The Sun, but it's not. I have no idea where these sex allegations have come from because none were put to me by the authorities.

"I was arrested for having a bottle of beer in the back of a cab, not having sex. That is all. I was alone in the vehicle."

It's not the first time Brits have been arrested after flouting Muslim rules in Dubai.

Last May, Andrew Graham, 40, was arrested for swearing and blaspheming after reportedly calling the Islamic prophet Muhammad a 'terrorist' in a heated row with salesman in a Dubai shopping mall.

And last year, a pair of British tourists were jailed for three months for having sex on a Dubai beach.

Vince Acors and Michelle Palmer were arrested after heading to Jumeirah beach following an introduction at Le Meridien hotel hours earlier.

Both denied the claims, and Miss Palmer said they were just "hugging and kissing".

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