Plane makes emergency landing after man 'tries to open cabin door' mid-flight


Plane makes emergency landing after man 'tried to open exit door' mid-flightStock photo: PA

A US Airways plane had to make an emergency landing this week after a man allegedly tried to open a cabin door mid-flight.

According to, Michael Ensalaco, 40, was intercepted by cabin crew and taken back to his seat while the plane, originally travelling from Portland, Maine, to Philadelphia, prepared to land.

Officials from US Airway said the man appeared "disoriented" at the time of the incident. Wsoctv said some reports suggest Mr Ensalaco was suffering with a seizure at the time, and reached out to the door handle.

A family friend who is handling his media requests said he was travelling on business at the time, and confirmed that he sometimes suffered seizures.

Massachusetts State Police arrested Mr Ensalaco, from North Carolina, when the plane landed at Logan Airport.

He is currently charged with interfering with a flight crew.

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