Brits really are animal lovers! Two in five of us now take pets on holiday


Brits really are animal lovers! Two in five of us now take pets on holidayStock photo: PA

We're known for being a nation of animal lovers, and now a new survey confirms the Brits' devotion to our furry friends - revealing that two in five of us now take our pets away on holiday.

The poll by also reveals that almost half of us (47%) miss our pets more than family members when we're away.

The survey of 2,010 pet owners also showed that 13% would rather go on holiday with their animal than their partner, and that 10% would actually prefer to take a trip with their pet than their own children.

What's more, 36% said their pet was their biggest worry while on holiday, while 40% regularly check up in their furry friends while they're away.

According to the Press Association, Travel Supermarket's Bob Atkinson said: "We all know that Brits love their pets and this research has found that many pet-owners are happy to admit we actually miss our furry friends more than we miss immediate family and friends when we are away."

What about you? Would you miss your pet more than your own family? Leave your thoughts below...

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