Famous flying bear killed in car accident


Colorado faling bear from tree killed in car accidentVimeo/Carolyn Moreau

The 280-pound bear, which became famous after falling out of a tree at a university campus in Colorado just over a week ago, has been killed by a car accident on U.S. Highway 36.

The 'flying bear' was tranquilized before falling from the tree at the University of Colorado and later relocated to a wilderness area around 50 miles west of Boulder before it was killed on returning to the town to look for food, according to the Associated Press.

The spot where the bear was killed was around two miles from the university's campus on the U.S. 36, which connects Denver to Boulder. Two cars were involved and towed from the scene, with one driver taken to hospital for minor injuries, the Colorado State Patrol said.

The bear was identified by the tag that was placed on him after he was tranquilized.

Wildlife officials are concerned about the unusually warm and dry climate in Colorado leaving limited sources of natural food for its bears, prompting them to wander into the town of Boulder.

Jennifer Churchill of the Colorado Park and Wildlife said: 'We are absolutely concerned if it continues to be dry we're going to see more bears.'

Officials track bears that come close to people and are captured. If they become habituated to certain areas and create a public safety issue, they are sometimes euthanized.

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