Britain's dirtiest beaches named and shamed


Britain's dirtiest beaches named and shamedPA

Britain's 25 worst beaches have been named by the Marine Conservation Society in its Good Beach Guide.

And two of Blackpool's beaches were on the bad beach list, according to the Daily Mail.

In 2015, strict new European rules will see 'no swimming' signs put up at beaches that consistently fail water quality inspections.

Out of the 25 failures, six of the beaches were on the Lancashire coast.

Robert Keirle, pollution programme manager for the campaign group, told the paper: "This problem goes back for as long as I can remember and I've been coming here for 20-odd years.

"This is a lesson Blackpool is just not learning or a message they are not heeding. I keep explaining what the problems are and how they need to be addressed and we are just not progressing.

"By 2015 the standards for water quality are being tightened. If they are failing now they won't stand a chance of passing by then.

"And if they fail the bathing water quality inspection over five consecutive years they will be forced to erect signs warning tourists not to go into the water."

Mr Keirle added that Lanchashire was consistently the "worst performing part of the UK".

The North East came out as the area with the best beaches with 53 out of 64 being getting an "excellent water quality" nod. In the South East, 94 out of 126 beaches were praised, while 154 of the South West's 193 beaches were recommended.

The North West came off the worst, with only eight out of 37 beaches recommended to have good water quality.

There might be room for improvement in some areas, but Britain is home to some beautiful beaches. Discover some of the best below:

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Best beaches in the British isles: is YOUR favourite here?