Bank holiday blighted by freezing temperatures and snow


Bank holiday blighted by freezing temperatures and snowPA

Hopes of a sunny and dry May Bank holiday weekend have been dashed, with weather forecasters predicting snow and freezing temperatures across many parts of the UK.

A Met Office spokesman told AOL Travel that areas including Cumbria, the Pennines and the Scottish Highlands were likely to see snow flurries over the weekend. And the message for the entire country is clear: "It will definitely feel a lot cooler," he said.

"Temperatures in isolated parts could reach as low as -6C, and there is a high chance of morning frosts across the UK on Saturday and Sunday."

Daytime temperatures were unlikely to rise above 10C - and the winds will make it feel even colder.

Meanwhile in parts of the south of England and Wales the heavy rainfall seen in the past few days is likely to ease slightly, but many flood warnings are in place. Patchy showers are forecast south of the Pennines, with more prolonged spells of rain in the south.

The unusually cold weather is being blamed on an Arctic blast, which is sending bitter northerly winds and plummeting temperatures, prompting some forecasters to warn that next week's temperatures could be the lowest ever recorded in May.

According to the Met Office, April was the wettest on record, with floods across swathes of the country. Many roads in Essex and Suffolk have been closed after heavy flooding, and the Environment Agency has confirmed 73 flood warnings in place.

So is there any good news on the horizon? The Met Office says there will be some intermittent sunny spells, with the west coast of Scotland looking particularly sunny-ish.

Just in case it doesn't rain/snow/flood, check out this little selection of Britain's best beaches. Worth a look, even if it's just to remind yourself that there's more to the country than floods and frost...

Best beaches in the British isles: is YOUR favourite here?

Best beaches in the British isles: is YOUR favourite here?

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