World first: Iceland offers tour INSIDE a volcano


World first: Iceland offers tour INSIDE a  volcanoHans Strand

Tourists with nerves of steel are being invited to become the first visitors to tour the magma chamber of a volcano in Iceland.

There will be a six-week window from 15 June to 31 July this summer where tourists can discover the interior of the Thrihnukagigur volcano, which has been dormant for around 4,000 years, according to the Telegraph.

The volcano sits around 30 minutes away from the capital Reykjavik, and tourists will have to complete a 40-minute trek across a lava field to the volcano, before reaching the bottom of the crater on a 120-metre descent in a cable lift.

World first: Iceland offers tour INSIDE a  volcanoK Maack

Black Tomato co-founder Tom Marchant told Aol Travel: "If ever the over used phrase 'once-in-a-lifetime' was more apt, it is now.

"For just a tiny six-week window, before it's closed off for further scientific research, tourists will be able to access the magma chamber of the dormant Thrihnukagigur volcano for the very first time.

"With an expert volcanologist guide, visitors will head down a deep 120-metre shaft through the crater opening – the chamber itself is actually higher than the Statue of Liberty.

"A private guide will then take visitors through a tour of the vast chasm, learning about the immense pressure and complex processes that caused the volcano to form over millennia. You cannot fail to be humbled by an experience like this."

Black Tomato's Into the Volcano trip costs from £3,459 per person including flights and transfers. For more information visit or call 0207 426 9888.

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