Revealed! The most misleading airport names in Europe


Skyscanner has revealed the top ten airports with the most misleading names in Europe. Paris Vatry Disney, Munich Memmingen and London Oxford all

Anyone who has flown "no frills" will have direct experience of taking airport names with a pinch of salt. Fly to Barcelona Girona, for example, and you'll find yourself nearly 60 miles from the city itself. Even London Stansted, at 40 miles away from the capital, is stretching it a bit.

But Ryanair's announcement that it will be using the new "Paris-Vatry Disney Airport" - which is 93 miles away from Paris and 73 miles from Europe's favourite theme park - has apparently beaten all records. It also promises to be Europe's longest airport bus shuttle: it's an estimated four hours to the centre of Paris.

Budget airlines often use secondary airports because they have lower operational costs, but some carriers, not least Ryanair, have come under fire for giving airports misleading names, as they are often so far away from the city they claim to serve.

Skyscanner has just released its top list of European airports with misleading names and it makes interesting reading.

Sam Baldwin from Skyscanner says: "If you fly to an airport with Paris in the name, you would expect it to be somewhere near Paris, but 93 miles isn't what you would call close. It's the equivalent of wanting to fly to London, but actually landing in Northampton."

Top 15 most misleadingly named airports
  1. Paris-Vatry (Disney) - 93 miles (150km) from central Paris (and 70 miles (112km) from Disneyland Paris)
  2. Munich West (Memmingen) - 70 miles (112km) from central Munich
  3. Oslo (Torp) - 68 miles (110km) from central Oslo
  4. Frankfurt (Hahn) - 68 miles (110km) from central Frankfurt
  5. London (Oxford) - 60 miles (97km) from central London
  6. Stockholm (Skavsta) - 59 miles (95km) from central Stockholm
  7. Barcelona (Girona) - 58 miles (94km) from central Barcelona
  8. Barcelona (Reus) - 58 miles (94km) from central Barcelona
  9. Paris (Beauvais ) - 55miles (88km) from central Paris
  10. Dusseldorf (Weeze) - 50 miles (80 km) from central Dusseldorf
  11. London (Stansted) - 40 miles (64km) from central London
  12. London (Southend) - 40 miles (64km) from central London
  13. Tokyo (Narita) - 37 miles (60km) from central Tokyo
  14. Verona (Brescia) - 33 miles (53km) from central Verona
  15. Glasgow (Prestwick) - 32 miles (51km) from central Glasgow

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