Did a UFO cause Pakistan plane crash that killed 127?


Did a UFO cause Pakistan plane crash that killed 127?PA

Some new reports are suggesting that a UFO sighting was the cause of a tragic Bhoja Air Boeing 737 crash in Pakistain on 20 April 2012.

A Russian news report on the crash has been uploaded to YouTube, and shows footage of three strange lights moving in formation, leading some in the UFO community to suggest the pilot was distracted by the object, reports the Daily Mail.

Officially, the reason for the tragic crash has been explained as the plane's fuel tanks exploding mid-air during a particularly ferocious thunderstorm, according to DNA India.

The pilot reportedly made a mayday call to the controllers at Islamabad's Benazir Bhutto International Airport asking for help as he prepared for an emergency landing after reporting a fuel tank had caught fire and he was losing control.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, the plane was in the right position as it approached the runway, but suddenly dropped to 200 feet while still flying at 300 miles an hour.

It then descended to 50 feet more before its tanks exploded.

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has ordered a judicial investigation into the accident, while Interior Minister Rehman Malik said: "It is being said that the aircraft was quite old, so it has been ordered to investigate thoroughly the air worthiness of the Bhoja Air aircraft.

"The causes will be investigated, whether it was any fault in the aircraft, it was lightning, the bad weather or any other factor that caused the loss of precious lives."

The Pakistani government mandated on Sunday that all airplanes operated by private airlines must undergo a new inspection to determine whether they are safe to fly.

The Bhoja Air crash on Friday was the second in Pakistan in less than two years involving a private Pakistani airline.

In both cases, the planes went down in bad weather as they approached the main airport in Islamabad.

See the lights in the video footage below (not in English):

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