Has Zara Phillips bought a holiday home from hell?


Has Zara Phillips bought a holiday home from hell?CampoReal

With the Olympics coming up, a five-star luxury break in her own holiday home in Portugal was surely what Zara Phillips has been dreaming of.

But, according to the Daily Mail, the plans for her villa on the new CampoReal estate in Costa de Prata have screeched to a halt after the banks withdrew funding from the company creating it.

Zara's villa Cascais was predicted to be ready for after her wedding to Mike Tindall, but work is still going on eight months later.

The house will (hopefully) be set on a 200-acre gated development 20 minutes north of Lisbon.

Has Zara Phillips bought a holiday home from hell?PA

Described as 'relatively modest', the house, which includes a private pool and terrace, cost around £600,000 and is part of the CampoReal Golf Resort and Spa, being built by her father Captain Mark Phillips' equestrian pal Eduardo Netto de Almeida.

A source told the Daily Mail: 'Portugal's financial crisis has finally crept up on the company and there is talk of filing for bankruptcy protection in case it is faced with the worst-case scenario and unable to find sufficient money to continue with the scheme."

And a spokeswoman for the Queen's granddaughter told the paper: "The financial problems affecting Europe have meant Zara's holiday house has been put on hold for now."

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