April showers! Britain to be hit with one month's rain in three days


April showers! Britain to be hit with one month's rain in three daysPA

Following a week of washouts, Britain's downpours are set to continue with a vengeance as experts predict a whole month's worth of downpours in the next 72 hours.

Weather forecasters have predicted an inch of rain will fall every day until Thursday.

Met Office spokeswoman Helen Chivers told Aol Travel: "The amounts of rain will vary from one part of the UK to another over the next few days.

"However we are expecting in excess of 50mm of rain across parts of southern England during the course of this week.

"This is approaching the average rainfall for the month, which is 54mm for the southern half of England."

Last week's torrential weather saw the River Ouse in York burst its banks on Friday after days of heavy rain and the Met Office issued severe weather warnings of heavy downpours and even snow on higher ground for Scotland.

But the wet weather is still not enough to end Britain's drought.

National drought co-ordinator for the Environment Agency Polly Chancellor told the Daily Mail: "While we've had some welcome rain, the environmental drought affecting large parts of England could last until Christmas.

"The soil is so dry that only steady rain over the winter will restore rivers and groundwaters, so we would urge everyone - right across the country - to help by using less water."

Meanwhile, not only are the April showers living up to their name and then some, but temperatures are thought to be the coldest since April 1989, with an average of 7C, according to The Sun.

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