Two British pilots sacked after mid-air row


Two British pilots sacked after mid-air rowPA

Two British pilots have been sacked after having a foul-mouthed row in the cockpit as they approached Malaga airport.

The Mirror reports that an employment tribunal heard how Captain Stephen Bird and First Officer Stephen Akers got into an angry argument that could have compromised passenger safety.

The argument began before they left Exeter airport on board a Flybe Embraer jet, when Captain Bird told Mr Akers he had not completed the pre-flight paperwork "cos you're my bitch."

Tempers flared again on their descent when Captain Bird ignored Mr Akers' request to avoid dark clouds - and they hit turbulence as a result.

When the First Officer asked to discuss, Captain Bird ordered him to "fly the plane".

Mr Akers then accused his boss of being "a control freak".

After landing, Captain Bird offered to shake his hand, but Mr Akers allegedly told him to "f*** off" and stormed out.

Then men both reported the row to their line manager, Captain Stan Wood, and they were later fired over a "potential risk to safety."

Both men are now claiming unfair dismissal and saying that their exchange was just normal cockpit banter.

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