Judith Chalmers is back!


Judith Chalmers is back!PA

The 'Wish You Were Here?' TV presenter Judith Chalmers is planning to return to TV with a new travel show.

ITV's Wish You Were Here? was axed several years ago, along with the BBC's rival show 'Holiday', but Judith says that there is now a real need for a new TV travel show - and she's keen to help to fill the gap in the market.

She told The Telegraph: "With all the taxes, air travel is now a very expensive business. You need advice from someone you can count on to be impartial. There is TripAdvisor, but people who contribute to that often have agendas. I'm itching to get back into the fray."

Judith, who was attending the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Awards at London's Claridge's, didn't look quite as tanned as we remember her - but it sounds like she might be putting that right very soon.

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