Guess where I am? Astronaut tweets amazing views from space


Best holiday snaps ever: Astronaut tweets amazing views from spaceAndre Kuipers

Astronaut Andre Kuipers has taken to Twitter to show the world the incredible views from his perch on the International Space station, 400km above earth.

His snaps include beautiful images of England and Ireland with the Northern Lights on the horizon (above) and an incredibly clear view of London at night (below).

Photos from the space station are usually blurred because it travels at speed, but the Dutch astronaut used a motorised camera to compensate. He has been tweeting them to his followers from his Twitter profile @astro_andre.

Images from space by astronaut Andre Kuipers

Images from space by astronaut Andre Kuipers

Are these the holiday snaps of the future? Innovations including a space elevator that could take tourists 22,000 miles into space could become reality within 40 years. And by 2030, Richard Branson reckons his spaceship jet will travel from London to Sydney in two hours...

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