'Fake nudists' pestering women on UK beach


'Fake nudists' pestering women on UK beachStock photo, Pembrey Country Park: Rex

Women on a beach in Wales have made complaints about being approached by naked men.

A Carmarthenshire Council spokesman told The Sun that some of the people stripping off at the blue flag Cefn Sidan beach in Pembrey Country Park "were not true naturists and had been known to target and approach women".

He added: "This is of concern because the wreck pools are destinations for thousands of visitors to Pembrey Country Park and beach."

The spokesman also said that park staff would investigate when complaints were received.

But naturism spokesman Brian Taylor said it was important to distinguish between "genuine naturists and those who have less honourable intentions", adding that banning nudity on the beach could be illegal.

Meanwhile, a beach in Anglesey just a grain of sand's throw from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's home could be turned into a designated nudist site.

The beautiful Newborough Beach on the west coast of Anglesey has long attracted nudists, but British Naturism claims official status would boost the local tourism industry.

British Naturism commercial manager Andrew Welch told the Telegraph: "We support this call although we don't need official designation. It takes away the hassle factor because a lot of people see naturism as illegal. Naturism isn't against the law, you can't legislate about what someone wears.

"If it were designated it would increase tourism in the area."

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Holidays for naturists and nudists

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