Carla Bruni admits to travelling on the Paris Metro in disguise


Carla Bruni admits to travelling on the Paris Metro in disguisePA

She might be the French First Lady, but Carla Bruni has revealed she likes to keep her feet on the ground - by travelling around Paris on the Metro.

According to the Telegraph, Nicolas Sarkozy's wife told Nouvel Observateur magazine: "Fame doesn't weigh me down, and anyway I disguise myself literally and figuratively.

"With a wig on, nobody recognises me in the Metro."

And her wig is obviously a good one; security guards at the Musée de la Marine in Paris recently failed to recognise their First Lady and, she says, " I had my handbag searched".

Carla is not the only First Lady to enjoy secret trips in a bid to feel normal. Michelle Obama also recently admitted on the Late Night with David Letterman show that she enjoyed going in "covert" shopping trips to mingle with the American public.

Perhaps Carla is visiting some of these beautiful spots in the City of Lights:

Fall in love with Paris

Fall in love with Paris

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